1. Playlists, Recently Added, All my Playlists gone/dissapearing

2. Library, Missing Tracks, Use as Ringtone, Hide Tracks (voices,ringtone,notifications). Exclude/Include Folder. Multiple Albums Tracks on Album with same Title

3. Audio formats (WMA,ALAC,M4A,cue),Crossfading, Gapless, External Apps, Playback issues, Equalizer, Audio effects, Chromecast, Music STOPS in Background.

4. Lyrics, missing 'Lyrics' button. Cannot Add Lyrics

5. Album-Artist support

6. Lockscreen

7. Album Cover & Thumbnails. Artist images (Wrong cover showing, Multiple Albums SAME cover)

8. Translation

9. Tag Edit, Lyrics edit, Delete music (Can't Delete/Edit)

10. Now Playing. Share #NowPlaying. Screen Always On. Streched Album Cover.

11. BlackPlayer EX. Cannot Install. License Error. Payment problems

12. Interface, Themes, Show SLEEP TIMER, Hide/Edit Artist Biography

13. Tips n' Tricks, Battery settings

14. Permissions

15. Beta Testing Program

16. Notification. Cant see text or buttons.

17. Navigation. Cant move to the previous page, only move forward!

18. Widget is missing/disappear! I cant find the widgets! Widgets Gone!

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- Playlists keeps disappearing! All my Playlists have gone missing, how to restore them?
If you lost all of your Playlists you can try restore from backup, by tapping on the top 'PLAYLISTS' title and then hit the 'Restore from Backup' button.
If you are using 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' (Check in Metadata settings), you can try importing 'Android Audio library' Playlists by tapping on the top 'PLAYLISTS' title -> More.. -> 'Import Playlists from Android Library'.
If you are using 'Android Standard Library', the Playlists may be cleared/deleted automatically by the Android system when you unmount the SD-card, restart your device or add new music.
If you are going to unmount the SD-card and want the Playlists safe you can Export all Playlists by tapping on the 'PLAYLISTS' title at the top and selecting 'Export all Playlists'.
The Playlists are then stored in the Playlist folder in BlackPlayer folder on the External storage.
We recommend try switching to the BlackPlayer Custom Library in Metadata Settings if you are not already using this. This have better Playlists stability.

- M3U Playlist importing/exporting
BlackPlayer has Playlist importing, its available in the Playlist page at the bottom, click on 'Import'.
Currently only .m3u and .m3u8 is supported. The import/export feature comes without any warantees.
Playlists can also be exported to the .m3u format. The absolute paths are currently used in the resulting playlist and may not work on other devices than your phone and using BlackPlayer.
If you don't like BlackPlayer's importing/exporting there are 3rd party app in the Store that can do it also, try use them.
More technical info on M3U:
If you have problems with importing, try using different file managers, you should also try using the build-in File selector, long press on the 'Import' button.

To Export a Playlist, long press on the Playlist you want to Export and select 'Export' from the list. The playlist will be exported in .m3u file to the root of the Internal storage.
You can also try switching to the New custom Audio library, this is done in Advanced settings.
If you are getting an 'Error cannot read file' you can try using the build-in BlackPlayer importer. This is found my long-pressing on the 'Import' button at the bottom of the 'PLAYLISTS' page. Email the support if you still are having issues with Playlists importing.

- I get 'Error Adding to Favorites'!
Switch to the new 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' in Metadata Settings. This does not have this problem.

- How to remove Tracks from a Playlist?
Tracks from a Playlist can be swiped removed. This is the same for the play-queue except that it can only be left swipe removed. This swipe remove can also be disabled in Interface settings.

- Where is the Recently Added tracks playlist?
The Recently Added tracks are located in the "Playlists" section of the application.
Swipe left edge to open sliding menu, select "Playlists", swipe then left until you reach the "Recently Added" page.
Its located after "FAVORITES" page.

- I keep seeing empty playlist! Empty Playlist appear even though I have deleted them before.
You most likely have a .m3u playlist file that Android keeps importing, if it has 0 tracks it failed to import it fully.
Located the .m3u (or .m3u8) file(s) (usually have the same filename as the playlist title) and delete it.
You can also add a .nomedia file in the folder to prevent the scanner from scanning that folder.
To easily remove the empty Playlists, tap on the top title 'PLAYLISTS' and select 'Delete all empty Playlists' from the dropdown menu.
You can also switch to 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' (in Metadata Settings > Select Audio library) that does not have this issue.

- How is the Playlists stored?
BlackPlayer always tries its best to keep a backup of your Playlists as .m3ubackup files stored in the BlackPlayer/Playlists folder.
If you are using the 'Build in Android library' the Playlists are stored in a database on your phone, which your phone manages.
If you are using 'BlackPlayer Custom Library', the playlists are stored in the app. If you clear the App-data of BlackPlayer these playlists might be lost if there is no external m3u playlist file or m3uBackup file.
Check which Audio library you are using in Metadata Settings category.

Library, Missing Tracks, Use as Ringtone

- Why cannot I see my tracks stored on SD-card? Scan my SD-card? How to update Library? I cannot see my newly added Tracks!
Try restart your phone, it might take a while for the tracks to be scanned. Also BlackPlayer is not in charge of scanning your audio files, it uses the build-in music library which is managed by your phone.
The "Music Scanner" build-in in BlackPlayer only hands over files to the build-in scanner.
Also the Music cannot be stored on certain folders, if you cannot see your Music, try moving them to the 'Music' folder.
Also check if there is a .nomedia file in the folder of the music and delete it if so.
Also you can try switch to the new 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' in Metadata Settings. This works much better. You can there manually select the Folders to scan from.

- How to hide Tracks (voice recordings, notifications) from my library?
* Try enabling 'Hide Short Tracks' in Settings -> Metadata, and make sure 'Show All Audio files' is disabled.
* Adding a '.nomedia' file in the Folder of the Tracks you want to hide will cause the Scanner to skip it. However this might take time until the scanner picks up this change, you can speed up the process by moving(or renaming) the folder.
* BlackPlayer EX has blacklisting option where you can hide Tracks and Folders of choice from being displayed.
* Switch to the 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' in Metadata Settings, this allows you to manually select Music folder and more control over scanning. The Settings for this is located in Metadata Settings -> BlackPlayer Library Settings

- How to add Tracks? Exclude folders from Library? Select Music folder. My Tracks is missing from Library!
If you are using the 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' (the default) you can manually selecting which folders to Scan from in Metadata Settings -> 'BlackPlayer Library Settings' -> Manually Select folders.
If you are using 'Android Standard Library' the folders to scan from is managed by your device, therefore no excluding or including can be done. This library is shared amongst other Music players.
The Paid (EX) version can blacklist folders and tracks additionally.
The music scanner scans and adds new Tracks automatically, you can scan for music by tapping on the main top title 'TRACKS' -> 'Scan For music' or swipe down to refresh. It is recommended that you use the 'Music' folder to store Music.

- Is there a way to force rescan (recreate) the Library from scratch? I see duplicate tracks in the library!
If you are using BlackPlayer Custom library (check in Metadata Settings -> Select Audio library):
If you are seeing duplicate Tracks you can try Manually selecting the music folders to scan from in Metadata Settings -> BlackPlayer Library Settings -> Manually Select folders.

If you are using Android Audio Library:
You can try to re-scan the library by entering Phone Settings -> Apps -> System -> Media Storage -> Clear Data. Then reboot.
Note!! Everything will be rescanned from scratch, that includes All photo-Images, Ringtones, Alarms, Audio and all Playlists, i.e. some or all of these might be lost. However no files will be deleted.
Doing this might also fix the issue of duplicate tracks.
The 'Media Storage' app might be called something else if you have any other language than English.
If you can't find it you might need to enable 'Show System apps' in an overflow (3dots) icon.

- Blacklisting is not working. How to Blacklist (hide) music?
This feature is only available in BlackPlayer EX and ONLY when using the 'Android Standard Library' (Change in Metadata Settings).
Make sure 'Enable Blacklisting' is turned on in Metadata settings.
Go to the main 'FOLDERS' view in Library, long press on the Folder you want to Blacklist, select 'Add to Blacklist' from the list. The Tracks in the Folder will then be added to the blacklist.
You can also blacklist single Tracks by long-pressing on them and selecting 'Add to Blacklist'.
In order to hide the Albums and Artists of the blacklisted Tracks, you must start a 'Auto Blacklist Artists & Albums' in Metadata settings.
You can also switch to the new BlackPlayer Custom library, where you can manually select which folders to scan from.

- The Tracks in my Album have wrong sort order!
* Check the Track Album number for each track if they have the correct value, long press on the Track, select 'Edit'.
* Make sure the sorting is 'Album Track number', change in the top right corner when browsing an Album.
* Check that the Disc field is correct. Remove the Disc field if the Album only have one disc. Tracks with no disc are sorted first.
* Disable 'Merge Albums' in Settings -> Metadata, merged Albums might cause problems with sorting.

- My two Albums has been merged together! My 'Greatest hits' (or something else) album consist of two Artists. How to split them up? How to split up my 2 CD Album?
Disable 'Merge Albums' in Metadata settings and your Albums should be separated.
If you can't find 'Merge Albums' that means you are using 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' and you can instead change the 'Album Merge Strategy' in Metadata Settings. After changing that setting you need to either reset the Audio library or Edit the Album so they have different titles or Album-Artist.

- My Album have been split up in several Albums.
Usually the all of the Tracks must have the same Album-Artist or be in the same folder and have the same Album title for them to be grouped together as an Album.
Use the 'Edit' feature of BlackPlayer to correct this.
You can also try to change the 'Album Merge Strategy' found in Metadata Settings -> BlackPlayer Library Settings. However this requires you to reset the Audio library for effect.

- Please add "set as Ringtone option". How can I set a Track as a ringtone?
Enable "Ringtone Track option" in Interface -> General -> More..
Then long-press on the track and select 'Use as Ringtone'.
BlackPlayer does not have the 'Modify System settings' permission so BlackPlayer only sets the selected Track as a possible Ringtone and you need select this Track again in your Phone settings.

- How to play Music that I buy from Google Play
The easiest way is to open on your computer. From there you can download your music to your computer as MP3 files (Note that this can only be done twice per track).
Connect your device to the computer and transfer them as regular MP3 files to your music collection folder.

The tracks downloaded from the Google Music Android app are stored in \Android\data\\files\music and contains no tag information. They need to be moved in order to BlackPlayer to detect them.
You need also to disable 'Skip Data folders' in Metadata Settings -> BlackPlayer Library Settings.

- The tracks in the main 'TRACKS' list are not sorted correctly. Ignore 'the' or 'a' when sorting.
The issue with wrong sorting, usually resolves itself after awhile or restarting your devices.
If you want a quickfix you can try enabling 'Force A-Z sorting' in Advanced Settings.
By default the sorting ignore 'a' and 'the' words, if you do not like this you can also try enabling 'Force A-Z' sorting.

- What is the 'BlackPlayer Custom Audio Library' and why should I use it?
This is brand new audio library that is customly made to fit BlackPlayer needs for reliability and performance.
It fixes issues with Playlist, Favorites and disappearing Album covers.
Playlists will not be removed when you unmount(remove) your SD-card however they will be removed if you uninstall or clear app data of BlackPlayer since they are stored within the app. Playlists backups are by default run in the background.
To enable the Custom audio library, Enter Metadata Setting -> 'Select Audio Library'.
The new library also fixes issues with 'Error Adding to Favorites'
Extra features with the library includes new startpage called 'PLAY NOW', tracks both monthly and total most played tracks,artists and albums. More sorting options. Support for 'ALBUM-ARTIST', and support for 'YEARS' and 'COMPOSERS' in BlackPlayer EX. Faster loading. Multi tag editing (available from multi select). Auto queue continue mode (available in the overflow button in the play-queue.

- How can I change the startpage of the Library?
This option is only available in the paid version (BlackPlayer EX). In the paid version: Settings -> Interface -> Library -> Startpage.

Supported Audio formats, Crossfading, Equalizer, Gapless

- Why is not Crossfading supported/working on my device?
The crossfading is not supported on all devices. In most cases its due to the audio hardware decoder. However if you are using Bluetooth audio, crossfading should work fine. The issues with crossfading is the reason why the features is included in the free version.
Please also turn off the Equalizer and all Sound-effects, they disturb the crossfading.
If you want flawless crossfading you can try switch to the alternative audio decoder 'ExoPlayer'. Switch in Advanced Settings -> 'Select Audio decoder'. However sound effects are not working yet using that.

- Gapless is not working on my device! Gapless troubleshooting.
- Same issue as the crossfading, Gapless is not working on some devices due to the build-in audio hardware decoder. However if you are using Bluetooth audio Gapless should work fine.
- Make sure the tracks are optimized for gapless playback. I.e. there should be no pauses in sound between the two tracks.

- Playing Music does not work. Playback not working. Strange issues with playing music
Check that you have Crossfading disabled, this does not work on many devices. Most users have issues with this.
Try restart BlackPlayer and your device.

- The volume jumps up for a second when changing to a new track.
This is a known bug and its caused when you have both crossfading and some sound-effects enabled. Turn off one of them.
All sound-effects must be turned off for the crossfading to work properly.

- I get 'Hardware Error' or 'Bass boost not supported' when using Equalizer or Bass Boost. Equalizer not working.
This is caused due to hardware or software issue on your device. There can be many different problems that can cause this.
- The sound effect might already in use by other program. If you have system global Sound effects try disabling them.
- Restarting your device solves the issue in many cases.
- If you are using a Custom ROM the Sound effects might be broken.
- Try changing to the 'Stock Equalizer' in Audio Settings.

- Add support for additional audio types? Add Support for WMA? (Musepack, alac, cue etc.)
Since BlackPlayer uses the build-in audio decoder from your phone, the supported formats vary between manufactures and android version and BlackPlayer cannot add additional support.
For a complete list of supported audio formats:

- The Volume Spikes (very loud) after turning the Equalizer on (or resuming music)! The volume is increased suddenly!
This is a known bug in Android. Use the Stock (build-in) Equalizer instead. Change it in Audio settings -> Select Equalizer. Or dont use BlackPlayer equalizer at all.
Many Motorola devices are known to have this bug.

- The previous track button should reset the track to 0! How does the "Previous Track mode" work?
The setting is called 'Previous Track button behavior' and is available in Settings -> Audio. It has two modes:
"Fast" (Default): Pressing previous track button (<<) jumps directly to the previous track.
"Classic" : Resets the track if 3 seconds has passed on the track, otherwise move to the previous track.

- Please add support for ReplayGain, Pitch control & Tempo/playback speed control
BlackPlayer currently uses the build-in audio decoder on your device and this does not support of these features.
If you want Tempo/playback speed control you can try the experimental audio decoder 'ExoPlayer'. Switch to this in Advanced Settings -> 'Select Audio decoder'.
The new Tempo control is then located in the play-queue page at the top.

- Shuffle mode keeps turning off.
Playing a Album, Artist, Playlist or Genre (Pressing Play button in) currently turns off Shuffle. (Might change in later versions). Shuffle might be turned off in other cases, its an issue im trying to resolve.

- Chromecast button is not appearing! (BlackPlayer EX only)
Make sure 'Chromecast Integration' in enabled in Audio Settings and restart BlackPlayer after enabling that.
Make sure you are located in the same WiFi as the Chromecast device. If your WiFi has dual frequency (2,4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz) you can try and connect to the same as the Chromecast device.

- Chromecast stops in the background
This happens when your have not turn off the System Battery optimizations for BlackPlayer.
Open System Settings -> Apps -> BlackPlayer -> Battery (or Battery saving).
Change 'Battery Optimization' to 'Off' (Samsung) or 'No restrictions' (Xiaomi). BlackPlayer needs to be marked as 'Not Optimized'
Restart BlackPlayer after changing this and the Chromecast should work fine.

- I want to Music to keep playing while in Phone call!
Due to recent changes in Android this is currently only available with a lower volume.
Change 'Audio focus' level to 'Ignore All' in BlackPlayer Settings -> Audio -> More.. and Music will not pause if a phone call occur. This will also cause BlackPlayer to play during notifications.

- How does the sorting works?
Sortings found in the library by tapping on the top titles 'ARTIST' or 'TRACKS' for example. In the browser pages (single Artist) its found in the overflow (3 dots) button.
The main Track list, Artist tracks and Genre tracks can be sorted many ways. The current sorting affects all of the tracks list. For example selecting a specific Genre track sorting applies to all Genre tracks no matter the genre.
The Playlist track sorting are Playlist individual and are permantent.

- My external Lyrics-app, Lockscreen/Widget-app, Scrobbler is not working!
Enable "Broadcast Now Playing" or "Broadcast Play-queue" in Metadata settings this usually fixes the issue.
If you have issues with wrong track scrobbling and are using 'Simple LastFM Scrobbler' try disable 'Broadcast Now Playing' and enable 'Scrobble Music'.

- BlackPlayer get killed in background! Music is Stops when Screen is turned Off. Directly or after some time.
This is caused by your device enters power saving mode and stops BlackPlayer from running in the background. You should add BlackPlayer to the whitelist of you can find such a feature on your device. If you are using any extra power saving mode 'Stamina mode' for example try turn that off.
Also check if you have any external power saving app that might kill BlackPlayer while its running in the background.
If you are using a Huawei device, this is called 'Protected Apps' in the Battery Manager and you should whitelist BlackPlayer there.
Read more here:
If you are using a NOKIA phone, this feature is called 'Background Activity Manager'. Found in Settings > Battery > Battery Activity Manager > 'BlackPlayer' should be added in Whitelist.

If none of the above works. Try Open System Settings -> Apps -> BlackPlayer -> Battery (or Battery saving).
Change 'Battery Optimization' to 'Off' (Samsung) or 'No restrictions' (Xiaomi). BlackPlayer needs to be marked as 'Not Optimized'
Restart BlackPlayer after changing this.
You can read more about apps killed in background here:

- Music stops when Application is removed from Recent apps!
Enable "Persistent Service" in Advanced Settings. This feature might not work on all devices, OnePlus devices is known to not work well.

- Play music when playing games. Don't pause music on notifications. Music is paused when playing Games.
Change 'Audio focus level' in Audio Settings -> More.. to 'Ignore All'. Remember to change it back when you are done, BlackPlayer will otherwise continue to Play on incoming notifications and while playing videos.

- Music Start when I connect my phone to a Bluetooth device (Car stereo)!
Disable 'Media Button Remote Start' in Settings -> Audio -> General -> More...
Your bluetooth device sends out a 'Play' command when connected and BlackPlayer will ignore this if it is not running.

- Equalizer turns off immediately after leaving the Equalizer page!
Try turning off the "Fix Equalizer turning off" in Audio Setting. You can also try using the Stock Equalizer instead in Audio settings, this usually works much better.

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- How do I show Lyrics? The 'Lyrics' button is missing in Now Playing, how to get it back?
Tap on the Album cover in Now Playing page to show the "Quick Actions". Tap on "Lyrics" or long press on any action and select "Show Lyrics" if you cannot see the 'Lyrics' action.

- How do I embed (Edit) Lyrics?
BlackPlayer can embed lyrics manually from the Tag edit dialog in each track or from the "Edit Lyrics" quick action.
You can also Edit the lyrics by tapping on the Album cover in 'Now Playing' page and tapping on 'Show Lyrics' button. Long press on the Lyrics that appear atop of the Album cover.

- What Lyrics are supported?
BlackPlayer supports embedded and external lyrics. The external lyrics should have the same filename as the music file but with .lrc file extension and in the same folder.
BlackPlayer supports both synchronized and unsynchronized lyrics. Read more about .lrc file format here:

- Please add support for online lyrics!
This is difficult to add since most lyrics databases are copyrighted and requires expensive licenses which I cannot afford.

- I cannot embedd my Lyrics! 'Cannot write to File' Error!
Some audio files might not be able to insert lyrics due to damaged tags.
(Android 4.4) Tracks stored on the SDCard cannot be edited (inserted with Lyrics.
(Android 5.0+) You must grant write access to your device, you can do this in Advanced Settings -> 'Select SD-card'. Point to the root of your SD-card.

Here is an external link on how to Select an sd card:

Album-Artist support

- Please add support for "ALBUM ARTIST" tag. Where do I enable the "Album-Artists"?
Switch to the new 'BlackPlayer Custom Library' in 'Metadata Settings' -> 'Select Audio Library', this supports that feature. The 'Android Audio Library' does not support Album-Artist.
If you are still missing that page, BlackPlayer EX users might need to open 'Manage Pages' in Library pages and enable that page.
If you want to reduce the number of Artists, I recommend you to enable 'Hide Small Artists', found by tapping on the ARTISTS title, or in Metadata settings.


- Where is the lockscreen support? I don't see any. The lockscreen is not working! Custom lockscreen?
Some devices have lockscreen controls for music and some uses the notification on the lockscreen to control the music. If you cannot see the notification or any controls on the lockscreen you might need to enable 'Show on Lockscreen' phone system setting. This is found in System Settings -> Notifications -> BlackPlayer EX/Free -> 'Notifications on Lockscreen'. Xiaomi devices needs to enable this option.
Your device manufacture must implement the support for the lockscreen to be able to use it.
* Huawei and Samsung is known to not support the music lockscreen widget, other than their own music app.
As of BlackPlayer Free 2.35 or EX 20.29 you can use the Custom lockscreen. Activate it in Remote settings.
The permission 'Draw over other Apps' (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) must be enabled for it to work. Check this if it does not work for you.

- I am missing Album cover on my lockscreen!
Make sure 'Lockscreen Album Art' is enabled in Remote Settings -> Lockscreen.
It's up to the device manufacturer to enable the cover to show up on the Lockscreen, BlackPlayer have no control over how it is designed. If you still want Album cover on the lockscreen you can use the Custom lockscreen found in Remote Settings.

Album Cover, Artist images

- Album Covers and Artist images keep disappearing (gets removed) (after reboot).
If you have any Cleaning apps, or disk maintenance apps they might be deleting the image files or the BlackPlayer database. Try to add BlackPlayer as a whitelisted apps or add the BlackPlayer folder as whitelisted.
This is a known bug with the album cover management for some phone models.
The Album cover management comes without and guarantees and for a more permanent solution you should place the image file in the same folder as the Album, and name it 'cover.jpg'.

- Artist image showing White Star. Where did Artist image go?
The Artist image supplier (LastFM) have shutdown the use of Artist images for BlackPlayer.
The images are replaced with the Album covers instead in next version (EX 20.57, Free 2.57). I will look in the future for a better replacement, thanks for your understanding.
You can still use external image from the Gallery by long pressing on the Artist -> Manually set Artist image. If you want to remove all of the Star images in next version (20.50, 2.57 currently in Beta) you can use the 'Delete all Artist Images' found in Metadata Settings -> Artist Images.

- The images in the Notification, Widget, Lockscreen (or Album list) is showing the wrong image!
Sometimes the thumbnails get wrong image, you can delete the thumbnails to in Settings > Metadata > Delete Thumbnails. New correct thumbnails will then be created. This only affects Album thumbnails, and not the image in Now Playing.

- All tracks in an Album get the wrong image. (image of another Album) Albums get SAME cover.
If a track does not have an image it usually get the image from the folder or from the same Album. Make sure the Album tag is correct.
Separate each Album by folder and place the Album cover as an image in each folder.
Check the folder for an image, if one cover.jpg file is placed in the folder of many albums, all of these might get this image as Album cover.

- Can I set Album covers per Track instead of per Albums.
The Album covers are currently connected to the Album that the Track has. If you want Track unique Album covers you have to split up the Track from the Album (by changing the Album title) and then manually change the cover of the new Album.
If you already have embedded Album covers in every different track, you can enable 'Prefer Embedded' in Metadata Settings.

- How to disable Artist images? I want to prevent downloading of Artist images.
Disable 'Internet Content' in Metadata settings and Artist images will not auto download.
The downloaded images are stored in the BlackPlayer folder on the Internal Storage.


- Why is BlackPlayer not available in my language? The translations are bad or contains wrong words.
The webservice OneSkyapp is used to manage the translations and everyone is allowed to help out with the translations.

Help here:
If you encounter the use of bad words or trolling users email the developer asap.

File Tag Editing / Delete

- My file cannot be edited? Error!? I cannot delete Music! Cannot write do this file.
Some music files have damaged ID3 tags and cannot be edited.
(Android 5.0+) If the Audio files is stored on the SD-Card. You need to grant BlackPlayer Write access to the SD-card to allow tag editing and deleting of files. 'Select SD-Card' is found in Advanced settings. Select the root of the SD-card.
(Android 4.4 Only) If the Audio files is stored on the SD card it cannot be edited or deleted due to Android limitations. Google "SD card fix Android 4.4" for more info.

- My tags keeps resetting back.
See above answer. Most likely due to cannot write to file. This issue however could happen on other cases also, unknown cause.
If you recently made changes you can verify that the changes are saved with the ID3 Tag viewer found in Advanced settings. This fetches new tag data from the file directly.
Also check above question if the file is stored on the SD-card.

- My Lyrics does not get updated! My Tracks are not deleted!
Some music files have damaged ID3 tags and cannot be edited, but in most cases its due to Android 4.4+ changes.
(Android 4.4) Music files stored on the SD card might not be edited (or deleted) due to Android limitations. Google "SD card fix Android 4.4" for more info.
(Android 5.0+) Users must grant BlackPlayer write access and thus allowing tag editing and delete music. Can be accessed in Advanced settings -> 'Select SD-card'.

Here is an external link on how to Select an sd card:

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Now Playing

- Where are the "Quick Action" ?
Tap on the the Album cover to show 3 or 4 quick actions. Each action can be changed by long pressing on them.

- Can you add option to show bitrate, sampling rate and format of the current track?
This feature is available in the paid version of BlackPlayer. Enable "Extra Track Info" in Settings > Interface > Now Playing > More...

- I would like the Album cover not to be streched! Not to fill the screen. Album cover is cutoff!
Change "Album image scaletype" to "Fit Center" found in Settings > Now Playing

- How do I share what is currently Playing? Share #NowPlaying status
This can be enabled as either a Quick actions (actions visible when tapping on the Album cover)
Or as one of the customizable buttons that can be found in some themes.
Both of these are in the Now Playing page.

- (EX only) Where is the 'Screen Always on' feature?
This feature is available in the paid version of BlackPlayer. It is located in the Play-Queue page in the top-right overflow icon (3 dots).
If you can't find the play-queue, tap the bottom to open Now Playing, immediately swipe left.

- I see lots of question marks (?) on the page, what is this?!
This is a custom action, click on it to select the action the first time, then long-press if you want to change it to another action.

BlackPlayer EX

- Can I use BlackPlayer EX on multiple devices? If I reset (or buy new) phone do I need to buy it again?
- I bought BlackPlayer EX before and cannot install it!

You can use it on multiple device and you should not need to buy it again if you reset (or buy new phone). However if you bought BlackPlayer to long ago (more than a year) you might need to buy it again, It is Google that manages how this works. Try these steps to get BlackPlayer EX working again:
* Login to the same Google account as the one you purchased BlackPlayer EX with (double check this).
* Try reboot your device.
* Try check if there is an update to 'Google Play services'.
* Try clear the Application Data of 'Google Play Store' app.
* If that is not working, you can try contact Google Play support. How to contact here:

- I just bought BlackPlayer EX and wrong price was taken from my account. Extra money was withdrawn when buying BlackPlayer EX.
This is normal when you change payment method, you should get the money back in a few days. If you need further help or have any questions please contact Google Play support. How to contact here:

- Can I use BlackPlayer EX on multiple accounts? If I reset (or buy new) phone do I need to buy it again?
You can use it on multiple accounts and you do not need to buy it again if you reset (or buy new phone).
Just make sure you login to the same Google account as the one you purshased BlackPlayer EX with.
If that is not working, please contact Google Play support.

- I just bought the EX version, have licensing Error! Cannot verify license.
Try these steps to troubleshoot the issue. Email the developer if you are still receiving errors:
* Check that you are logged into the Google account that you bought BlackPlayer EX with.
* Check that the Internet connection is ok.
* Try clear data from Google Play by going to Android Settings > Apps > Google Play and select "Force stop" then "Clear cache" and “Clear data.”
* Try clear data of BlackPlayer EX.
* Restart the application, check if there is an update on Google play.
* Is your system date and time correct?
* Make sure that the account on your device is the same as the account you used to purchase BlackPlayer EX. (check this via Settings > Accounts > Google)
* Enable Automatic Date & time in settings.
* Try signing into to verify that the app is not 'refunded' nor 'cancelled.'
* If you are still seeing the "application not licensed message", visit Google Support ( ) and indicate what you have already done to troubleshoot the issue. Because this issue is related to Google’s licensing mechanism (LVL, License Verification Library) they should be able to help you.

- I want to change account for BlackPlayer EX! I want to move to a new Google account!
If you want to move your BlackPlayer EX license to another Google account, you need to buy the app again on the new account.
Then send me the order number (transaction id) of the original (old) order and the order number of the new order.
I will then cancel and refund the old order. You can then use BlackPlayer EX on the new account but not on the old.

Interface, Themes

- Where are the "Quick Action(s)" ?
Tap on the the Album cover to show 3 (or 4 for tablet) quick actions. Each action can be changed by long pressing on them and selecting a new action.

- Where is the Sleep timer? Please add Sleep timer.
By default the sleep timer is hidden. It can be accessed from the sliding left menu by enabling "Show Sleep timer" in Interface settings at the bottom.
Or as a Quick action (actions visible when tapping on album cover) in Now Playing page. Or as menu key binding if you have a menu button.

- Can I disable the Artist biography? Can I edit the Artist biography?
Both of these can only be done in BlackPlayer EX.
Artist Biography can be disabled in Settings -> Interface -> Library -> More.. -> disable 'Show Biography'.
And the Biography can be edited from the overflow icon in the top right corner of the Artist page.

Tips n' Tricks, Help

- Now Playing
Almost all items can be pressed and long-pressed! Examples:
* The Artist text can be pressed on to browse that Artist and long pressed to open the Artists long-press dialog.
* Long pressing the Play button will stop the track and reset it the beginning. Long pressing Next or Previous track will fast-forward or rewind.
* The Quick Actions (tap on Album cover to show them) can be changed, Long press! The shuffle and repeat buttons can also be changed, long press.

- Play-queue. Where is the Queue?
Tap the bottom bar to Open Now Playing. Either tap on the bottom of Now playing or immediatly swipe left to get to the play-queue. This is depending on the Now Playing setting 'Left and Right Swiping'

- Library
* All Artists, Tracks and Albums can be long pressed to open a dialog with many actions.
* The navigation text (ARTISTS, TRACKS, PLAYLISTS etc) at the top can be pressed to show settings depending on the current page. (EXCLUSIVE ONLY) If you long press on them "Manage Library Pages" will open.

- Album dialog
Single tapping on the Album cover image will open the Albums long press dialog.

- BlackPlayer is draining by battery. How to improve battery-life?
* Disable "Track Music played" in Interface -> More... This disable some feature (such as Never Played, Recently Played) but saves battery.
* Disable "Lockscreen Album Art" in Remote settings.
* All Audio Effects and Equalizer drain battery, disable them.
* Disable Crossfading and Gapless, they cause slightly extra drain. Specially crossfading.
* Also Disable "Broadcast Nowplaying" if you are not using any external apps.


- Why does the paid (EX) version requires to listen to my microphone?
The Microphone permission is only for the visualizer to listen to the audio, if you are not using it you can block the permission if you are able to do so.

- Why does BlackPlayer required to start when phone is started? Why require BOOT_COMPLETE permission?
Blackplayer will only automatically start if you have enabled "Analog Autostart", it is required for that to work.

- Why require SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (or Draw over other Apps) permission?
This is required for the custom Lockscreen and floating mini control to work.
If you are not using any features you may block this permission.

Beta Testing Program

- I just joined the BETA program, but I did not receive any new Beta version!
A beta version is not always available, if you have not received an new update after couple of hours then there probably is no Beta version out for testing.
Check the community news if there is any information about new Beta releases, also check if you are not already using a Beta version.

- How do I become beta tester?
BlackPlayer is in need of beta testers that report bugs in the community. You can join with these links, use the correct link depending on your version of BlackPlayer. Also see above question.
EX (paid):


- Cannot see the notification text or buttons. The buttons have wrong colors
First open the notification settings.
Open Settings -> Remote -> Scroll down to Notification.
Disable (or enable) 'Black Buttons' and change 'Text color' to White (or Black depending on your situation).

- The Notification is removed when I pause the music!!
First open the notification settings.
Open Settings -> Remote -> Scroll down to Notification.
Disable 'Swipe Remove'. This usually fixes the issue.
If you are using Android 7.0+, try also disabling 'Nougat Style'.


- Cannot move (navigate) to the previous page, only move forward (By tapping on the top bar)! App get stuck at 'GENRES'.
You can do this. Just start swiping in the middle of the screen, and then move your finger to the right to get to the previous page.

Cannot see BlackPlayer widgets! I only see 1 small widget

If you cannot see the Widgets you most likely have moved the app to the SD-card.
Widgets from apps stored on the SD-card cannot be displayed. This is an Android limitation, move the app back to the Internal storage. Google 'android widgets on sd card' for more information.
If you don't have the App on the SD-card you can also try restarting your device, it might fix the issue.
Double check that the App is not installed on the SD-card. Contact the developer of the home launcher or phone if you still have issues.

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Last updated: 2020-02-10